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About Peterson's


Peterson’s is the world’s leading educational services company dedicated to furthering education after high school and beyond. From culinary school to medical school--and everything in-between--Peterson’s helps you discover, prepare for, and fund your education.

Our Values & Beliefs

  • We believe in the necessity of education after high school.
  • We know that globalization and digitization have leveled the playing field for all types of students to access all kinds of education.
  • We reject the tenant that success travels a singular path.
  • We embrace the idea that each person’s educational journey should be customizable, agile, and lifelong.

Who We Are

Headquartered in beautiful Highlands Ranch, CO, we are a group of inquisitive, passionate, connoisseurs of education. With over 50 full-time editors, educators, developers, data scientists, and instructional designers across the globe, the Peterson's team helps you understand, navigate, and ultimately complete the educational path that's right for you.

Who We Serve

Students & Parents - Whether you're looking for information on finding the next step after high school or how to prepare for standardized tests and licensure exams like the SAT, GRE, or NCLEX, Peterson's provides the facts and info you'll need to make an informed decision. Every year over 500,000 students rely on Peterson's for trusted advice and instruction.

Educators and Administrators - High school teachers, guidance counselors, and college admissions officers all have the same goal: help students achieve their educational goals. Unfortunately, the vast number of students makes one-on-one interactions sparse. That's where we come in. Peterson's provides curated information, instruction, and introductions to make your job easier.